POEM: A Global Warning

31st October 2016

Technically I wouldn’t class this poem as CliFi, but it was my very first attempt at poetry on my masters. I don’t like the term ‘Global Warming’, but I felt that the play on words was appropriate for the title. I prefer prose to poetry, but I wanted to experiment and see how a poem would turn out for me.

Note: I will be posting CliFi pieces, and climate change pieces such as this only once I am confident that I no longer need them for my course (in their current draft/format). So there may be a delay between me producing a piece for my course and posting it to my blog. Please bear with me in this regard.


A Global Warning

First their words fell on deaf ears

But scientists still chose to speak out

Bemoaned for their exaggerated fears

About things that could never come about


Warnings of droughts, floods and fire

Their words are a shade of dark

These predictions are incredibly dire

The future is looking stark


Politicians didn’t believe inside

The predictions would come true

Talks were held about the rising tide

Yet actions were far and few


Spanning all human activity

The problem’s roots are deep

At our complete lack of receptivity

It’s difficult not to weep


Time is fast running out

But all is not quite lost

We’ll have to wield all our clout

And solutions will come at a cost


Renewable energy can bring jobs and prosperity

They can make the future clean

Helping move us out of austerity

Whilst creating a tomorrow that’s green


Fossil fuels should remain in the ground

Helping to reduce pollution

Solar and wind energy have been found;

A much cleaner solution


This is a fight for our children’s earth

To keep unique fauna and flora alive

We need to give it everything we’re worth

Providing them with a chance to thrive


The need to act is clearly pressing

A greener future is what we should seek

We can turn this into a blessing

To avoid a fate that’s bleak